Philips Fidelio B1 Nano Cinema Speaker

September 1, 2016

Philips Fidelio B1 Nano Cinema Speaker: tiny size, mighty sound

Berlin, Germany – If you want big sound from your TV without a massive soundbar, the Philips Fidelio B1 Nano Cinema Speaker is the answer you’ve been looking for. Coming in at just under 41 centimeters wide, this compact soundbar can fit into the smallest of living rooms bringing amazing looks and equally astonishing sound. Using Microbeam technology, Fidelio B1 offers a wide sound range going way beyond what you’d expect from such a slim and sleek product.

Minimalistic design
Philips has worked long and hard on the design and form factor of the B1 Soundbar to ensure big sound in any living space without being obtrusive. The compact form factor matches any size TV while its very slim wireless subwoofer ensures you can place it anywhere in your living room, even under your couch.

Microbeam technology to fill your room with sound
Microbeam technology ensures that sound goes wider than from other soundbars, which solely have front firing speakers limiting the width of the sweet spot. Philips aims to have everyone in the room enjoy a wide, immersive sound. Four high sensitivity drivers (two at the sides and two centered) are arranged in a cross-firing configuration, allowing sound to beam across a 180-degree soundstage with a very wide sweet spot. The effect is a compact, dynamic soundbar speaker that immerses you deeper into the action.

Tweeter wave guides to hear every detail
The B1 Soundbar uses two tweeter wave guides on the top of the speaker to add more sparkle to the sound. In total these wave guides have 18 holes in increasing diameters so there is a constant output from each hole. It results in a virtual array of tweeters where every hole acts as a single tweeter, projecting high frequencies towards walls and reflecting sound towards the listener.

In addition to offering great sound to any television, the B1 Soundbar also offers great sound quality when listening to music. Simply connect to your speaker via Bluetooth and you can blast your favorite tunes around the living room. With a combined output power of 320W this speaker is sure to liven up any party.

Recommended retail price: €499.

Features summary:

Richer sound for TV and movies
- 320W total power
- Microbeam technology delivers truly immersive sound
- Tweeter Waveguide allows every detail to be heard
- Cardioid Loudspeaker Array for the best surround sound
- Digital sound processing
- Dolby Digital & DTS Surround for ultimate movie experience
- Bend pass subwoofer provide loud and deep bass

Designed for simplicity
- Compact and slim, matching with every home décor
- Premium customized metal grill
- Slim wireless subwoofer for vertical and horizontal placement
- Product dimensions (W x H x D): 40.8 x 5.40 x 11.5 cm

Connect and enjoy all your entertainment
- Bluetooth (aptX & ACC) for high fidelity wireless music streaming
- Connect to HDMI input for great picture and sound quality
- HDMI CEC and ARC to enjoy control via a single remote

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